Donations & Previous Donor Compensation


Happy Easter!


I’ve been told a few times that a lot of people are complaining about the way we’re running the server/rewarding our previous donors. While I do understand it’s frustrating to not get exactly everything you paid for in the past, we have absolutely no way of knowing exactly every single item that you had donated for in the past. We want to make sure that everyone is happy, but at the same time we do have a server, plugins, and other items to now cover costs for. If we gave everyone everything they had previously it would end up in a server cost that could not be paid for. Our ultimate goal in choosing to offer a lesser amount of compensation is to ensure server longevity and for us to remain open for the foreseeable future.


As everyone knows, our ultimate goal is to ensure the longevity and life of the server. We’ve seen a great number of our original players come back and we’re very excited to have you playing on Xylonia again!

We appreciate all of our players & donors, and your understanding in this matter and we hope that you continue to play with us for years to come.


The rewards available to our previous donors are as follows:

20 homes

5,000 claim

blocks 2 random T1 relics

Extra Backpack


NoAir Suffix change – This will give you the ability to change your suffix on demand. The first time is free, consecutive times will cost 5,000 in-game cash. It will have a character limit that will be determined later. You’ll be able to use formatting aside from &k. and all colors.

1000 Points towards the donation shop