Welcome home!




As most of you know, we took a long hiatus and we have decided after many months to return. This may come as a bit of a surprise to a lot of people as we had previously said that we’d never bring the server back.



In all seriousness though, it’s very good to be back. We missed our community and are looking forward to more years of fun, we’ve had a lot of people asking us questions that we have not really had many answers to but I am going to give you a small FAQ within this post!.


Q: Is McMMO going to be used?
A: Yes, the current skill cap is 1000.
Q: Will we get staff ranks & donation items back
A: No, sadly we have no records of who has actually donated or had staff at the time of the server closing. However, the players that we know for a fact have donated will receive a compensation for the support shown in the past.
Q: What plugins will be used?
A: A mixture of old & new.
Q: Will zombie world be back?
A: At this time we do have plans to bring it back, but this is dependent on creating a new map for it.
Q: Will there be custom items and player relics?
A: Yes, we will be having relics and custom items at a date later announced.
Q: Who will be running the server?
A: Mykl, Cap, & Brad will be Devs/Admins
Q: What other Staff members will be on the server?
A: At this time, we will only have 1 moderator who was already chosen. Staff applications will be added at a later date.
Q: When will the server be released?
A: A soft beta launch will happen on April 1st, no it’s not a joke.
Q: What will be available at release?
A: Just about everything. Some smaller things will be added during play but should be seamless.
Q: Are there quests?
A: Yes.
Q: What kind of rewards will there be for voting & progressing on the server
A: This is still to be determined, but definitely keys for crates and a Tier set for the completion of quests.
Q: Will there be an admin shop?
A: Probably not, however you have the ability to use /ah for an auction house & /trade <playername> to trade with other players.
Q: How will you be handling the server economy & inflation?
A: Ranks have had their price increased significantly, no money will be given with donation packages.